Christophe Hendrickx

Christophe Hendrickx
Becario postdoctoral

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Christophe Hendrickx is a postdoctoral fellow at the Unidad Ejecutora Lillo exploring the dental evolution of non-mammaliaform cynodonts through 3d models and dental complexity, morphological disparity and evolutionary rate analyses. He is a former postdoctoral fellow at the Evolutionary Studies Institute at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg where he investigated the evolution of the dentition in theropod dinosaurs and gomphodont cynodonts. He completed his PhD thesis at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal, working on the evolution of teeth, tooth-bearing bones and quadrates in non-avian theropods. He received a BSc in geology from the Université de Liège (Belgium) and an MSc in palaeobiology from the University of Bristol (England). In these two institutions, he investigated the morphofunctional anatomy of spinosaurid quadrates from Eastern Morocco as well as the diversity and disparity of sauropod dinosaurs. His PhD and postdoctoral research projects led him to visit more than 40 collections in Europe, Argentina, Brazil, United States, Canada, China, South Africa, and Namibia, and to describe embryonic and adult material of theropods from the Upper Jurassic of Portugal. He also has some fieldwork experience through field projects in France, Portugal, Russia, and South Africa.